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I am not an expert. I have never even taken a class. I have no formal training - but I love to grill. I love the food off the grill and I just like the idea, the fun and the relaxation of grilling. So naturally Bobby Flay is a hero. I have his books, I watch his shows and I try out his recipes. So my idea is to grill one of Bobby's grilling recommendations everyday and see how it goes. Bobby Flay Everyday!

The idea to grill and blog is not original. Julie Powell wrote a blog that became a book and then a movie when she cooked all 524 recipes from Julia Child's cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking. But this is not French Cooking - this is backyard, after work, tailgate, American male grilling. I grill outside in a man-cave in every kind of weather. There is no "grilling season" for me - its everyday, year-round. We will skip around through Bobby's books and TV shows and grill what we like. But grilling is more than food, its an experience - so we will also report on what music we listened to or what ball game was on while we were grilling. We will keep track of what we were drinking during the grilling and later with the food. I'll try to figure what went wrong when we fall short of Bobby's perfection and pass on any tips I know about or discover along the way. Maybe it will give others some ideas as well.

The photo is of me and two of my brother-in-laws roasting the Thanksgiving turkey on the grill last year. That's me on the far right. In real life I am a college professor and pilot. I have written 12 books, but they were all about flying - here we write about grilling. We write about Bobby Flay Everyday!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Epic Flatbread

One of the American Snowboarders won the Silver Medal and said her experience was "Epic." This is Grilled Flatbread from Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill (page 36). It was probably worthy of the Gold Medal and therefore is also "Epic." I started by pushing the pizza dough across the pan and into the edges. I spooned on some tomato gravy (not called sauce) and layered on Mozzarella cheese. Next came fresh sliced tomatoes and basil leaves. We added one more ingredient, that is not actually part of Bobby's original recipe - grilled Sweet Italian Sausage. This all went on the grill and the dough baked over medium heat in about ten minutes. We sliced the flatbread into squares added a salad and we had an epic meal. 

What to Drink? Maquis-Philips Grenache which is the wine of the week from Tim's Premium Wine. Here is what Tim had to say about it in his blog this week. 

WOW these are AWSOME. Another fantastic import from the Grateful Palate. These babies are dense with a heavy mouthfeel of longlasting fruit. We only have one case of each Merlot and Grenache. The grapes are all sourced from McLaren Vale in Australia. They are pretty high in alchohol around 16%, but they are oh so yummy…The Grenache received 89 points from Parker and is medium ruby colored with cedar and earth notes, with ripe cherry notes. Both of these fantastic wines are only $14.99 each… Come and get them. Until next time, drink more wine.

Tim was right. This wine was great and it was great with the flatbread. Some wines are just great pizza wines. Pizza wines are always red and often are red blends. I have nothing against beer and pizza, but if you are a beer and pizza person, try a pizza wine next time!

Recycling Day. We try to recycle everything that is used for Bobby Flay Everyday. Glass, plastic bags, plastic bottles, cardboard, newspapers and cans. Here is my local recycling center - I encourage you to find your local drop off, or sign up for curbside pickup, and recycle all you can. 
Dorothy purchased a mixed-media art sculpture last year from a collection called Use and Refuse - so recycling can also be art. Keep as much potential art out of the landfill as possible. 

Happy 50th! This is the 50th blog entry of Bobby Flay Everyday! 50 days of grilling...and counting.

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